Brycheins Ltd.

Consultant Naval Architect and Marine Engineer


  • Study Report - Rapid DC charging requirements for the UK EV market
  • A review of battery and hybrid technology to support the propulsion selection for a passenger-vehicle ferry for a Transport Authority in support of Briggs Marine.
  • Middle-East Navy Fleet Acquisition - supporting Amgram Ltd as the Customer's Consultant for the acquisition of a fleet of fast vessels ranging from 12m to 60m and from 30 kts to 90kts.
  • Advising a leading Marine Consultancy on the potential for updating and re-introducing to the market a low-signature mine-warfare vessel in the interim before the introduction of unmanned mine-warfare vessels.
  • Machinery study for a modern naval combatant.
  • Providing technical expertise to Synoptix as the customer consultant to a major shipyard for the power and propulsion system for major warships.
  • Provide strategic growth advice and market analysis to innovative electric motor supplier.
  • Develop and test low-emission high-speed diesel family.