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Brycheins Projects


Middle East Navy, Fleet Acquisition - supporting Amgram Ltd as the Customerís Consultant for the acquisition of a fleet of Coastguard and Police boats including 56m, 30m and 12m vessels.

Providing technical expertise to Synoptix as the customer consultant to a major shipyard for the power and propulsion system for major warships.

Advising a leading Marine Consultancy on the potential for updating and re-introducing to the market a low-signature mine-warfare vessel in the interim before the introduction of unmanned mine-warfare vessels.

Machinery study for a modern naval combatant.

Providing consultancy on the marine market and equipment technical requirements across a range of existing and new marine equipment companies.

David Bricknell - Consultant Naval Architect and Marine Engineer
Tel: +44 7446 889631
email: david@brycheins.com

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